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By Jez

Dustin Urban talks about the Freestyle System. Dustin, squirt boat champion who now lives in BV Colorado won the Augsburg World Cup event and Dustin discusses the changes that are going on with judging. There is a bit of debate about the different judging system for freestyle kayaking.

Around Christmas I was done with the World Cup Road Trip video and ready to get it out there. Unfortunately my hard drive decided to die after months of editing. Bugger. Of cause I did not back it up, that would have been way to smart. So I tried to get it recovered to no avail, months of effort gone. So I learnt the hard way to back up your files. Over the last month I have been very hard at work trying to get it all done and I am pleased to say that I am just about there. Over the next few weeks I will be adding a few blogs showing parts of the World Cup that didn’t make the DVD, called "B-sides". After a month on the road filming every day, I have almost 20 hours of video and obviously there is quite a lot that won’t make the DVD, so keep checking the Jackson Kayak Webpage for video updates.

Cheers mate,
Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma