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By Ben Stookesberry

I am finally back in Mount Shasta, CA putting the finishing touches on this spring’s release of Hotel Charley Vol. 4: At Your Own Risk. This is certainly the most intriguing film that I have been apart of in the 8 years that I have been making extreme kayaking films. Featured in the film is an incredible big water mission to the Rondu Gorge of the Indus River in Pakistan and the now world famous waterfalling expedition in Central Brazil.

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the final segment of the film documenting Pedro Oliva’s world record descent of 127 foot Salto Belo in Central Brazil, and just the other day I spoke with InBetween Swims pod-caster Jeff McIntyre to try to clear up any misconceptions about the descent, and speak to some criticisms concerning Pedro’s now infamous world record plunge.

It is easy to get the full scoop and listen in at

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Hope to see you all at one of the 20 + tour stops this year!


Ben Stookesberry