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By Jez

I have only been back up here a short time and already Josh Bond has taken me out to some amazing boating here in Far North Queensland FNQ. The rivers are big, with some sensational picture opportunities. It is the tail end of the wet season over here, bloody hot, and the humidity is around the 85% mark so a light stroll gets the seat pumping.

Yesterday we took on an upper section of the Barron which really has it all, big drops, small technical sections and a waterfall that is hard to believe. A slight hitch with Dr Dom’s car (a local legend) made the trip a little longer than expected, but you have to expect a few issues here and there.

Tomorrow we have a big multi day planned and have a helicopter ready to go. Bloody expensive bugger. The jungle up here is very dense and sometimes the only way to get to some of these spectacular rivers is via the air. We hope to complete this river in two days, however have a couple of waterfalls that have never been run in the mix so it really is anyone’s guess. We also have our gun ready for any more crock close calls. Yep, rivers, helicopters, waterfalls crocks and guns.

We do have a few pictures however no time to sort them out, too much paddling to be done.
As per usual the footage gained with be part of our next Skippy Films video.

Cheers mate,
Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma