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The Hotel Charley crew has been doing firsts since they started. Each film they produce has epic first D’s, incredible footage, great paddling, and a story to tell and a purpose to the film. I have been fortunate to be able to be there for some of their expeditions, and am impressed each time. Safety, team work, putting the team first, making history and “getting the job done”, and going big are all part of an expedition lead by Ben Stookesberry. This latest waterfall hunting trip to Mexico is a perfect example. Rafa ran a 100+ foot Anaconda Falls and cleaned it, yet he is humble, helpful, a kayak instructor, and part of a team. Pedro set the new World Record for running a 127 foot falls, that was picked up on major media, including the Today Show this morning, ABC NEWs, etc. etc.. Watch the show and you see just what I am talking about. Nobody is after credit, fame, but instead, to showcase their feat, with the focus on the environment, and humanity.

I am very proud of Pedro for stepping it up in a big way, and not letting it get to his head. Anyone else want to drop that one? Maybe- but on this day, that is one big, record, drop, and Pedro deserves to be proud of what he accomplished.

Ben led the team, with Pedro’s local experience and help across some of the most remote areas of one of the most wild countries in the world in search of the “Big ones”. Two 100+ footers in one week, plus a ton of other mammoth falls, safely. I don’t think there has ever been, nor ever will be, another Ben Stookesberry. Whether it is his geology schooling that gives him a unique sixth sense about runnable first D’s, or his willingness to drive a hardened expedition team to the point of physical and mental limits to make ground on new rivers, new rapids, or just transporting by foot to where the action is. Of course, ultimately, to push the limits on the paddling front.

You can find this group of paddlers, as well as all of Team JK on rivers of all types. Pedro was at the 2007 Freestyle Worlds for Brazil, and you can find Ben, Jesse, Rafa, etc. etc. teaching clinics, playboating, river running, and creeking. Well rounded, grounded.

Thanks for all you do Team JK!

Let’s not forget the team at the factory that create the boats, each one ready for whatever you throw at it. David Knight for the ultimate in design, Tony Lunt for believing in this company and pushing us to new limits!