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By Keegan Grady

New River Academy’s New Zealand semester was amazing! We got to spend two weeks on the Kaituna River, an action packed mile long run with fun moves and a 20 foot drop, and waiting for you at the bottom is the the infamous Kaituna Hole. We then packed up and headed to Taihape Valley for a fun week on the Rangitiki Gorge, a sweet run that flash flooded while we were there to produce an amazing play wave right in front of our campsite.

My favourite stop on our tour from the North to South island was Murchison, home to Maruia Falls. The water was quite high and the stakes were high. The school stepped it up with ELi Spiegel, Tino Specht, David Spiegel and I all throwing Hail Marry’s off the 25 foot lip of Maruia Falls, with close attempts from Stephen Forster and jason Craig. With on Broken nose, and a lot of sore backs and necks we packed up and headed to Hokitika where we finished the last leg of our trip with a Helitrip on the Whataroa.

New Zealand is an amazing place with rivers everywhere.

Hope you enjoy the video!