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By Billy Harris

It’s a lot of work when you think about it. Organize and fly in athletes
from all over the dam place, put them in a room and make them think while
all getting rea aquainted. Imagine and it won’t be hard a whole team of
people who can’t focus, learning Computer networking while Feeding and
paddling in between. This of course all at SHEA Jackson complete with a keg
of wicked beer, 12 dogs, half of which behave and the others rob chips from
tables. The food was a distraction to say the least as well, Kristines’s
culinary skills match the Iron chefs and I think that she could take him in
a straight up fist fight. Dane the whole time running around with some
fully automatic air gun that shoots plastic bb’s just fast enough to hurt
but not hurt enough to kill him or even make him bleed..

Lee Hart was flown in to teach us the ins and outs of networking, and doing
a great job of keeping us focused during all of this. To actually get
though to our thick attention deprived skulls and make an impression while
dogs going nuts, dane shootin gBB’s, laptops ringing, paddling sessions you
got to have some game. WELL DONE LEE.

As for the rest of the weekend, enders, waterfalls, play sessions and beer.
ahhhh wicked.

Billy Harris