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By Colin Kemp

I got my shinny new yellow Duo on Tuesday, and it just so happened
that my Dad was coming for a long weekend visit on Thursday evening.
He is 68 years old and sat once in my first plastic boat over 20 years
ago. We went down to the Reno whitewater park on Friday for a short
introduction to the boat, and that went super well so there was no
question that on Saturday we were going for a Chili Bar run on the
South fork of the American River. On Saturday morning Hope, my Dad,
and I picked up Toby in Reno and headed over the hill. Toby is the
World Kayak ambassador for Reno who is nursing a shoulder that just
had surgery so a relaxed day in the creek boat was just what the
doctor ordered. We meet up with Brian, the World Kayak ambassador for
the Sacramento/coloma region, to run shuttle and get on the water.
The toughest thing we did all day was get my Dad dressed for boating!
He is much smaller than my 6’5" self, so my dry suit was a bit long
but it worked out. We had good lines the whole day with one brace at
trouble maker. It will be tough to flip the Duo unless you are
trying. Thanks to Toby for being there just in case and thanks to
Brian who took all the pictures. Now it is time to take the Duo down
some steeper runs. I still cannot believe that Hope asked me to take
her down some things in the Duo! I will be excited to boat with her
or anyone else who wants to give it a go. Brian and I are already
planing huge enders at the pop up spot on the Chamberlin Falls section.

Later ; Colin
Team JK

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