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By Nick Troutman

NAWFest was this past weekend; opening by being the first competition
on the year, as well as being the only competition on the year with a
Freestyle Off the Lip Competition. This is the only competition were
you huck yourself off the lip of a waterfall trying all sorts of
crazy moves.

We were mainly dialing in the Mcnasty off the lip. This is a move I
have been working on for a while, with last year being the first time
I had stuck it. It was a little lower water levels this year which
was actually better for mcnasty’s. There were a handfull of us trying
them, though most ended with some sweet face plants.

I was excited with a second place, mainly because I had really
started to get a feel for the Mcnasty, even though I did break a
paddle in the procress. In the end, Dane ended on top with a couple
great Mcnasty’s, Back Panam’s, and a Rockspin to Freewheel.

Here is a little video with some sweet crashes and a couple good
moves too.

Nick Troutman

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