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By Ben Stookesberry

I could not wait anylonger to let all of the folks at JK know that Rafael Ortiz has just made a perfect descent of 100 foot or 30 meter Anaconda falls. As yet another feather in the cap of the JK design squad and production staff, Rafa made the Descent in his new Orange hero that is taking his already high end game to a new level. Dropping 100 feet with 5000 cfs and emerging unscathed is certainly a testament not only to this kids skill and incredible mentality, but also to the one of a kind versitility and structural integrity of this first of it´s kind river running machine.

Jesse Coombs and I returned to Central Brazil again this year with Rafael Ortiz, Chris Korbulic, and Pedro Oliva to affirm our speculation that this is indeed the “North Shore´´ of big waterfall descents. We have one week left and we are on to greener pastures so far north and west in the Brazilian Jungle, that you begin sweating at 8 am and don´t stop until you´ve dropped at least 20 meters in a cool yet substantial swell of rain water. Stay tunned for photos and video.

Hotel Charley 4 is coming soon and is set to be the most spectacular and action packed yet!

Ben Stookesberry