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I am very excited to announce that yet another David Knight design came
together perfectly. This kayak is exactly what EJ and I had hoped for. and
boy howdy it’s fast! The All Water comes in two sizes (9 and 10 feet) to
fit a wide range of sizes. We have only molded the 10 footer so far, but
the 9 comes in tomorrow. So far, the 10 has enough room for someone 240+
lbs, but fits me (at 185), just fine as well. With top of the line JK
outfitting, this kayak is off the charts in regards to comfort and
performance fit.

Just as the name says, the All Water is for all water conditions. Flat
water. just drop the skeg and you are on your way to paddling straight with
great efficiency. This kayak is fast, has great stability, and tracks great
for day trips. The hatch provides plenty of room for a day trip or even a
multi-day overnighter. No real need for a skirt if you are paddling flat
water. The larger cockpit doesn’t make you feel restricted and provides
plenty of room to get in/out with ease.

White water on the menu for the day?. Just lift the skeg, put on your spray
skirt, and you are ready to roll. LITERALLY! This kayak rolls just as easy
as any Jackson Kayak and will provide a tremendously confident experience
for anyone that is both new or a veteran to whitewater. One thing that I
noted today was how fun it was to surf all kinds of waves. Waves that
current freestyle kayaks could never catch are easy to paddle into. Awesome!

I plan to test it in surf conditions as soon as possible, but all
indications are that this is a very sporty kayak that will handle beach surf
and paddling open water like a champ!

This kayak is a blast! Look for them at your local Jackson Kayak dealer in
the next couple weeks.

Marty Cronin

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