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By Ben Guska

My parents recently came to visit from their town of Parachute Colorado about 45 minutes from where I live. My mom came in and brought me about twenty custom made thank you cards. I was still unclear what for. My mom, who was working at the Parachute Middle School, had one of the teachers show the class a kayaking/snowboarding video I made when I was 17. (I had no clue of this). Little did I know the class was apparently super thrilled to see the video. I am hoping to visit the class in the next few weeks and meet some of the youngsters!

Most of the cards were asking for snowboard and kayak lessons, which if not this year, hopefully can try to make happen next year!

Also, Big thanks to my mom for showing the video. I would never of thought it would of reached out to some of our local youth!

Signing out from the above average snowpack in Colorado:

Ben Guska