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Hi E.J.,

I have been meaning to send you an update on the Duos and our club.

These boats are awesome. The first thing that everyone notices is the fit.
Big or Small you can get a god fit from the outfitting. Lots of comments
about the comfort too. Simon, a paddler from Ottawa, called it a Cadillac.
The next thing we hear is stability. Lots of people are hesitant to get in
at first. Especially the more experienced paddlers. (I think it has to do
with letting go of control and/or confidence in your partner).
Once they are in and have rolled then the who world changes. Smiles and

Now, go and throw them on a wave and BOOM! Another Duo FAN!!!
The boat and the whole experience opens a new world of fun and

I have been hooked form the beginning and am looking forward to getting more
people into duos. Kids, special needs, hard core paddlers, everyone…..
(even my mom and mother in law….)

Check out the video on our club picture link.

There are also some excellent pics from the 18 of April and a super cute one
of Emily and Cheryl starting in the Raisin River Race (25 KM flatwater race)
which they entered in the yellow "Banana" duo.

I think we will hear a lot of screams from our girls this summer "Go

This weekend we will be hooking up with Billy and Carly at the Level 6 Rodeo
and will get a Duo comp going too!!!

Lots of pics and videos will come you way.

The formula: Awesome boats = awesome people = whole lot of fun.

See you on the river.

Be Well and Be Safe,

Robert J. Zwanenburg