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By Nick Troutman

Rock Island is finally no longer in a drought. The water has been
spilling down here for practically 2 months straight, it is awesome!
Here is a quick little video from the Jackson Kayak Team Week. High
Water Rock Island is by far my favorite level, because you get to run
a 20 foot water fall (the Falls), run a Big-Water rapid (Sieve City),
get beat down in the newly found feature (the upper wave) surf a
sweet hole(the upper left hole) then surf the big water wave hole,
which will let you know who is boss(the main hole) and then finish
off a great day surfing your brains out on an amazing dynamic wave
(brave wave). Life doesn’t get much better, and kayaking-wise you
pretty much get to paddle all different aspects (for the most part).

Here is a quick little video from one day out on the water. We didn’t
get to film the falls, the upper hole, or the main RI hole, because
we already have a TON of footage from them, so here are some clips of
the less seen features Rock Island has too offer.

Nick Troutman