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By Rodrigo Tuschner

Rodrigo is one of those special people that makes kayaking better for
everyone. Paddlers from all over the world have gone down to the Pucon to
run some of the greatest rivers, creeks, and waterfalls in the world. Upon
arriving, there is no better person in the world to lead them to the "sh$%"
than Rodrigo. Look at some of these waterfalls he sends in. He hasn’t
just run them once, but may go everyday, and happily runs them first to show
some of the biggest named paddlers how it goes. When not paddling the
big stuff, Rodrigo is a down to earth, helpful, guide who can help anyone
enjoy a class 2 section of river with as much enthusiasm as he has for the
class V+. He represents the ideals of Jackson Kayak in a wonderful way.
Such a humble friendly, fun, family focused man, while leading the way in a
testosterone laden part of the sport where he could cop an attitude and
nobody would think twice. He just remains Rodrigo, our friend, family,
and Team. Thanks Rodrigo!

Hello out there Eric, Carman and JK Family:

Here Rodrigo from Chile

Well, here we are at the end of the another summer, was good to work
together whit my good

kayaking friend again and run some very good big stuff again…Incredible
creek season.

So good to have my Super Hero and my incredible Mega Rocker.

Some new 1.D and new rivers, was incredile to know some north part of
Argentina and have incredible good time whit the Demshitz boys and my
brothers Garcias. Be ready to see one of the most awesome new kayaking
videos from Demshitz
go to be incredible…

I feel very good to be part of this new kayaking video project.

Is very important to say hello and thanks to all our costumers and clients
that trust and believe and have fun whit us this summer, thanks to all the
new kayakers that learn kayak whit us and enjoy the river together.

Also incredible thanks to all "the Run The Shit" Program trip kayakers, of
course for paddle the river whit us and trust in our experience.

Well, Europe, here we go, is time to fly to Europe again and start another
summer there, working hard and see what sap the rivers this season,( I hope
is good)…..

Special thank to Mike. Our Super Special Guide 2009

we go miss you Bro.

Peace and love…Remember to go out in your Jackson kayak and have

Rodrigo and Ema from kayakpucon in Chile.

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