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By Ruth Gordon

It amazes me what can happen in a few short sessions!
Last week we had backwards day. Yup the focus was to do everything and anything we possibly could – backwards.
We started off our warm up paddling backwards, moved into backwards eddy turns, ferrying and backsurfing. Sage was hesitant to try backsurfing but after a couple attempts she was a natural. She even started entering the hole backwards.
We headed downstream through the rapids backwards and I was impressed to see sage make a super aggressive ferry backwards!

Our standard race to the final rapid was also backwards… and boy were we tired by the end.

Hole Five in the south channel is not a challenge for sage these days but she warms up there before we head to Hole Three in the North Channel: after what seems like a million surfs each way she’s ready to go.

Last week the light came on for Sage who decided it was easier to get into Hole Five from river left. She nailed the surf across and slide down into the hole… infact it became her favorite! Amazing how things change!

Stay tuned for more of Sage’s progress….


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Back surf
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Backing it up
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Entering backwards
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More backwards
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Sage spin