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The All-Water Hybrid (Flatwater/whitewater) design has finally hit the showroom floors of dealers across the USA and Canada. While so much emphasis has been on pure whitewater performance, it has been a great experience for Jackson Kayak to bring this lake, pond, river, and whitewater river boat out. A new design from the ground up, it includes a speedy 9 or 10 foot hull that has a long waterline when flat but shortens up for tight maneuvering by putting it on edge just slightly. This comfortable cruiser carries a large load if needed, with easy access in and out of the cockpit as well as the large sealed rear hatch. Well balanced combination of stability, tracking, speed, and maneuverability makes it suitable for anyone at any level. Jackson Kayak’s own drop skeg design allows you to simply pop it down when you hit the flats and enjoy a straight fast paddle.

Learning to roll, or plan on running some difficult whitewater and may need to roll? Jackson Kayak is famous for easy to roll kayaks and the All-Water adds to world’s easiest to roll kayak line. Rigging for your paddle in the front and back of the cockpit rim make fishing, taking photos, or getting in and out a breeze.

This $849 All-Water hybrid could easily come without all of the bells and whistles of the $1,200 fully whitewater kayaks, but we opted for decking it out. Super Linear plastic, Sweet Cheeks, custom hatch and skeg, deck rigging, and the Jackson Kayak Boat Armor Outfitting Package.

This is a great buy and a must have for your quiver of kayaks, or your only kayak.


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