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Last week I was traveling to Western Missouri and was able to bring
out some of the first All Waters to Dynamic Earth in Springfield. I assume
they moved a couple of the ones I dropped off to their other location near
Kansas City as well. Bottom line, they are ready to be demo’d and ready to
be sold. These boats are creating quite a stir in the boating community.
We have seen a gigantic level of interest developing in them and for all the
right reasons. They are really the best of "All" things kayaking.

As you can see, they look great, and the staff of Dynamic Earth are fully
trained on them and ready to provide any information you would need. On
that note, I have to say that this is one heck of a shop. Their staff are
fantastic people and their location is perfect. The whole store is built
with the newest most advanced "Green" building ideas including solar, wind,
and recycled materials. It’s really a gorgeous shop and it was a pleasure
to get the tour.


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