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By Joel Kowalski

There exists a wave bigger and more powerful than most will dream of…

We’ve been surfing that wave for the past 7 days. Its name is .

When the heavy snowpack from the northern fringes of the Ottawa River basin start to melt and flow towards Beachburg the Ottawa swells to a level most will never see. If your familiar with the Ottawa you’ll know the guage tops off at 23. is in when the water is well above that and flowing through the forests.

The wave is located in Coliseum rapid. At these levels there is a rowdy lead-in, run-out, your putting-in in the trees and avoiding the wild hole below the wave known as The Ledge. Then there’s the wave itself, its huge. Bigger than big. And the airtime it has produced so far is pretty wild.

Photos soon.

Footage will be seen in the upcoming release, Stakeout, dropping September 2009