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By Ben Guska

Well I rolled into Glenwood springs with a bunch of friends from Grand Junction to start getting my wave tricks dialed in. I was stoked to see Jason Craig has already made his way from Reno and was absolutely killing it. We had a super fun day, I was able to throw blunts, pan-ams, clean blunts, and backstabs which I thought wasn’t too bad for not surfing in a while. Jason was killing it with blunts, pan-ams, back pan-ams, and some combo moves including bread and butters, and blunt mcnasty’s! I’ll be heading down all this week, and will probably be there for quite some time leading up to team trials.

Another big accomplishment of the day was seeing my good friend Ryan Huebscher get his first spin on the wave. Ryan and I have been working together to teach others how to kayak, and to help each other become better boaters as well. We got on Shoshone at about 5,000 cfs earlier in the year, where he probably (based on the huge eyes and white knuckles) never seen water that big. He did excellent the whole time, and is continually getting better.

We only got a few shots because we were having too much fun surfing, but there will be plenty more to come! Also be sure to check out if you interested in seeing what the wave, crowd, or competition is like. Another great tool via the web!


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ben clean blunt
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jason back pan-am
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ryan first spin