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So I am a bit fired up. The first Riviera’s were delivered to 3
outfitters. I personally drove out the first 50 Riviera’s to Shady Beach,
River Ranch Resort, and Two Sons Canoe Livery today in Noel Missouri and
the boats have turned out fantastic. This sit on top (SOT) is the first of
its kind for Jackson Kayak ,and at $489.00 (MSRP) it’s a super affordable
way to have a really comfy time enjoying the water. This boat is remarkably
comfortable. to the point where so far, 3 random people have said it’s the
most comfy SOT kayak they have ever sat in. At this point, I am sold.. And
feel that Jackson Kayak has provided another great kayak to the paddling
community. BUT, I am JUST a bit biased, so try one out for yourself. So
far we have a bunch pre-sold and in the next two weeks many outfitters/kayak
rentals shops in Missouri will begin receiving the Riviera’s for their
fleets. Expect them all around the US at various outfitters in the next
month. Come down and try one out for yourself and send me the photo’s. I
will put your photos up on the website right away!



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