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By Jez

So what is your idea of a perfect week of paddling? Your dream program? Well I would firstly select the Southeast as it seems to have some of the best boating in the World. Next I would have a van full of gas ready to hit up the rivers that are flowing. Playboating, creeking and maybe a waterfall, I would pack it all in. It even would be good not to know where we are going, just turn up to a river so that everyday is a surprise. I would also have a kayak pro making a guest appearance to paddle with and learn from. Maybe a house close to the river that you can use as a base camp, surrounded by national forest, yea you got to have a nice pad to stay at. I would capture it all on video and stills and create a DVD that I can show to my friends, even doing what I can to keep a daily blog so everyone can read about it. Finally I would get a couple of my mates to come along and share in the adventure.

So with all this in mind, I decided to make this dream come true. With the help of Falling Creek Camp I have worked out a program for teens paddling some of the best whitewater in the Southeast with Pro-kayaker Andrew Holcombe, a couple of Falling Creek’s best staff and me. Huck has a staff ratio of 3:1, sometimes 2:1, which are some of the best ratios in the industry. This allows the program to give the focused attention you need and allows us to push our limits taking on technical and big rivers. I am really looking forward to leading this program with some amazing instruction from Andrew, what a fantastic guy to have on board as he dominates in both freestyle and creeking. And because this such a dream program, without much advertising it’s almost full, just 2 spots left.

For more info check out:
I will also be updating it all on our blog at

A van full of eager paddlers and countless adventures to be had, this is going to be a life changing experience for sure. Stay tuned for all the updates on this inaugural dream trip!

Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma