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By Billy Harris

Hell or High water was a protest event held by the local paddlers organized
by Phill Compass.

Lets just start off by saying I got robbed. Yep, Matt Hamilton robbed me
blind, he raced a pyaranna race boat in the event and beat out the girly
girl and me. We paddled a duo a legal whitewater boat for 2, I don’t even
think that dubbed "cheater boat" had 2 inches of rocker in total. ok
that’s off my chest and I am not bitter any more.. I may have to get even
somehow ok I am still bitter. Lets get to the Politicians. IN Canada they
knocked off our rights to speak up portage around scout and navigate rivers.
The rights are gone. We still get on here and there but no longer is it a
right to portage scout etc. Nor is it required to ask people who use the
river to build dams. So if there are any kayaking Canadians who voted for
Harper on purpose you should kick your own butt or tell me and I’ll kick it
for you. Up here in Canada we call him "the Shrub" cause he is Canada’s
version of Bush. hehe I’d trade him for the current pres right now that’s
for sure.

Hell or High water went off like a shot, huge group of paddlers showed up
for the event, demonstrating against the building of a dam on the Petawawa
River. The paddlers attending know that damming the Ottawa will lower the
spring levels, raise the summer levels. Cutting the bus eater time down and
cutting the low play level times down. This in turn is lowering the
recreational turn out for the local towns on the Ottawa rivers whitewater
section. A quarter of the town of Beachburg has moved there for the river
and its play.

Here are some pictures on the site


Go On and Get Lost


Paul & Debbie Realtors

PETawawa Animal Hospital

Esprit Rafting

*HUGE thanks to the volunteers who sat out in the driving rain for five
hours on Saturday: Brad, Kim, Louis, Michele, Trevor, Claudee, Shannon,
Jake, Murphy, Wayne, Bill, Mel, Mike, Julie, Kianda, Dave, Sally-Ann, Mike,
Mae…! You folks made it happen.*

*Top Times: *

* *

*Men’s Long Boat: Matt Hamilton (aka cheater mc.Cheatin pants) 6.12 (Matt
Theiner, Marc Audette) *

*Tandem: Billy & Carly 6.14 (Z-CreW) *

*Men’s PLAYboat: Thomas Harding 6.58 (Marc Audette, Jeff Colgrave) *

*Women’s: Sinead O’Donnell 7.50 in a playboat* (Joanne Tognarelli, Sharon
Thom) *

*Raft: Esprit Men 6.56 *

*Canoe: Martin Breu (Gonzo) 9.20*

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