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I met Alec as a very young boy out at the Bladder Wave location on
the Payette River in 2005. I have watched him grow up each year in both
age, size, and skill level. His personality has always been very happy,
excited, pleasant and positive, which is perfect for our team.

Feel free to ask this young man for pointers!

Here is what Alec has to say about Alec.

Age: 12

DOB: 04/29/97

Height: 5′ 6"

Weight: 135 lbs

Shoe Size: 12

Boats: Jackson Star, Jackson Hero

Years Paddling: 6 years

Home: Meridian, Idaho

Local Rivers: The Payettes, Salmon River, Boise River

Favorite Local Playspots: The Bladder Wave and Climax

Favorite Runs: North Fork of Payette, Deep Creek, Brush Creek, Dry Meadow
Creek and South Fork of the Payette at 11,500 cfs, Murtaugh Section of Snake

Hobbies: Kayaking, Basketball, Surfing the Internet for Sick Kayaking

Sponsors: Jackson Kayak, NRS


Lower Five North Fork of Payette – 10 yrs old

North Fork of Payette Top to Bottom – 11 yrs old

2008 Reno Riverfest – 3rd Open Juniors

2009 Reno Riverfest – 2nd Open Juniors

2008 Fibark – 1st Cadets

2008 PBR – 1st Cadets

Dry Meadow Creek – 11 yrs old (possibly the youngest descent)

I first met EJ when I was 8 yrs old at the Bladder Wave during the Fun Tour
to Boise, ID. He helped fit me into my first Jackson boat (the Fun 1 ½) and
I have paddled Jackson kayaks ever since. Jackson Kayaks are definitely the
best boats on the market for kids and Juniors. (My whole family is paddling
Jackson Kayaks – Dad – Mike the Super Star, Mom – Jody the Star, Hayden 9
yrs old – Shooting Star, and Connor 5 yrs old – Fun 1) Later that spring I
went to the Reno Riverfest at the age of 9 and competed for the first time
in the Junior Class. There were four competitors, Dane Jackson, Jason
Craig, Jonathan Shales and me. I was just excited to be there.

I have been paddling for six years. When I was six years old I demanded
that I get my own kayak. I guess I was tired of getting left behind in the
Banks parking lot with my grandma. I have grown up on the Payette River
being taught by my Dad. I like kayaking with my whole family and friends.

Over the last 3 years, I traveled to Reno, NV and Colorado to hit some of
the freestyle competitions as well as the local competitions in Boise. I was
featured at the age of 10 in a local documentary "Exploring Idaho" by Stone
and Water Productions, running the Lower Five of the North Fork for the
first time and some Idaho Creeks (Deep Creek, Crane Creek and Willow Creek).
Idaho style creeks are very manky, fairly steep, and filled with farm
polluted water. Last summer 2008, I paddled the North Fork of the Payette
from top to bottom. I never thought I would run Jacobs Ladder at the age of
11. It was awesome. There was a crowd of about 20 people on the bank
watching and cheering.

Spring of 2009, I went to California to run Brush Creek and Dry Meadow
Creek. Then I was on to the Reno Riverfest where I took 2nd in the Junior
Open. I am looking forward to the next kayaking adventures. I am excited to
be part of Team Jackson.

Look forward to seeing you on the water,

Alec Voorhees

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