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By Stephen Wright

After an awesome Reno River Fest, Nick and I headed-out to try to
enjoy a week of the best that California has to offer. We started
Monday by joining up a large group for a run down the infamous BIG
KIMSHEW. This is know as one of the best/hardest day runs in Cali,
and is regularly cited as people’s all-time favorite day runs on
earth. I’d never been there before so I was PSYCHED!!! We were
lucky enough to join Darin, Andrew Holcombe, Taylor Robertson, Ben
Stokesberry, Josh Bectel, Scott Ligare, and 2 Brits for this great run.

This creek lived-up to it’s reputation and more. With 2 or 3 big
drops, and hundreds of fantastic other rapids, it just kept going!
Ben ran triple drop and styled the line, which was good considering
the smack-down that this rapid has been laying on MANY good paddlers
in the last week. Here are just a few photos from the day: Kimshew
Falls, Triple Drop, and Frenchie’s.

Live from Reno, NV,
Stephen Wright

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