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Revelation! I just learned how to take the greatest boat design in the history of kayaking and make it one step better! So, revelation indeed. EJ, for all of the talk of your sweet cheeks being about comfort and a bit of extra "umph" in regards to playboating, you have completely missed the greatest attribute of all: Sweet Cheeks takes the Super Hero’s river running/creeking ability to a whole new level!

Give yourself a little lift in the seat ( I have always felt that typical kayak seats put the driver too low for aggressive and forward posture) and bim-bam-two seconds later you are upright, aggressive, and stroking with new passion. I can’t believe that I have been boating the Super Hero since day one with my cheeks deflated (please refrain) as I missed the last great important aspect of making this boat the most genius creation ever. Oh, and I swear that rolling is all that much easier when you are slightly lifted up on the seat. And, from a mere mortal kayaker who typically gets beaten down in class 5 like a rented mule, this is a discovery that I am most excited about.