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By Clay Wright

The wet May continues and while I didn’t get North Chick, Tara and I
headed to the Tellico this weekend for a Double Dose of Duo …

The Dynamic Duo continues to impress. The slick rocks provided tons
of Duo-boofs and ‘grinds’ as well as some bounder-rapid challenges to
keep it straight. We could go slow and ‘melt into’ the waterfalls or
charge off and let it fly. Even when you come down at a 45 degree
angle you still get some down-time, especially if you are in the
front! Ben Davis and I took the Duo up to Bald River Falls too,
proving that the pool is at least 12′ deep as we plugged both of us
completely under, rounded a bottom turn, and popped back up upright
and level.

Here are some shots – Tara and I’s 2nd run of Baby Falls and we
aced it like the first: nice launch, 45 entry, totally gone, and
then bow-first resurfacing heading downstream for daiper wiper.
Great day! Great May!


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