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By Jez

May 4, 2009

We are pleased to announce that the World Cup Road Trip DVD is to be released this week through Jackson Kayak and The Heliconia Press. Jackson Kayak have teamed up with Entropy Gear to give away 20 Seven’s sunglasses valued at $60 each. The first 20 customers to preorder their copy of World Cup Road Trip through Jackson Kayak will get a free pair of sunglasses. That’s over $1000 in giveaways! Sweet.

A month of filming with the team provides plenty of footage gained for this film. This is not one of those short paddling films that only scratch the surface, it’s 75 mins full of highs lows and everything else in between. Battling continual sickness, fatigue and homesickness, the team represents their country fighting for a place on the podium. With some random footage of all that goes on while on the road such as King of the wave comps and cardboard kayaking, this video is a personal account of the World Cup in Europe, showcasing the best playboaters in the world, their rides and interviews.

Featuring: Eric Jackson, Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Nick Troutman, Emily Jackson, Dane Jackson, Jez, Jason Craig, Ruth Gordon, LP Palmer, Devon Barker, Jonathan Shales, Jessie Stone, Dustin Urban Plus all of the world cup athletes.

Get yours in the JK Store today >>

Here is another Skippy Films B-Side showing parts of the Freestyle Kayak World Cup that didn’t make the DVD.

World Cup Road Trip from Jez Jez on Vimeo

If you can’t view the above video, go here.

World Cup Road Trip is another Skippy Films grass roots project.

Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma

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