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Evan is the son of my friend, Tom Moore, the owner of Sierra South, our dealer in Kernville, CA. Check out his All-Star experience…

The new All-Star is incredible. I am just big enough to paddle it. The Jackson team was really nice in letting me paddle. I paddled EJ’s, Clay Wright’s, Steve Wright’s, and Nick Troutman’s boats in my practice runs and races. They were really nice in letting me use it…I ordered mine and I can’t wait to take it to the Keener’s Camp on the Ottawa in Canada. The loops Steven gets are insane. I looped higher than I ever have. It only took me two sessions to feel comfortable. It is faster, more retentive, spins easier…there is nothing it doesn’t do better. I don’t know how, EJ did it, but he did. I won the Cadet class in it. Alec Voorhee and I went to the M Wave Sunday night…it was really fun…except I really wanted the new All-Star. Wow…cool.” Here’s a video we did with Jason Craig, Alec and me. Thanks again team Jackson.

Evan Moore, 13
Kernville, CA

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