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The new All-Star hit the water for the first time yesterday and the results were more than astounding. Nick, Stephen, and I are still dumbfounded as to how much easier everything is, and bigger! I have mine and I am 100% on board with this new boat. Same with Nick and Stephen who paddled it yesterday too. There is only one chance to get on the front end of the bubble of people clamoring for this new boat with a ton of season ahead of us. That is to pre-order it today from your local dealer so that we can send your boat to them. We are molding this boat 24 hours/day 6 days/ week right now and will be sending the first ones out to dealers who have their orders in next week! We have 100 dealers and 6 distributors that all want the boats fast, but if you do the math, that isn’t possible to get them all boats next week, or the week after. It will take a month to get them to everyone or more. Our policy at JK is to have pre-purchased boats by the customer sent out first. That means that if your dealer tells us that they have your cash in hand, we’ll send that boat ASAP, before we send any stocking orders.

If your local dealer doesn’t have an order in yet, they’ll not get a demo for you to try for 6 weeks likely as there will be too many people ordering them. You can solve that issue by:

1. Ordering it sight unseen- trusting that we hit a home run and that you’ll love this thing as much as your mom. (close anyway)

2. Telling your dealer that you want to try one and make sure they have their order in for their demos and a retail (for when you’ll want to buy it anyway) that will take a month longer to get them in likely.

Release Dates for each size:

All-Star- June 7th- next week we’ll start shipping them out!

Star- June 30th

Super Star- July 10th.

Mon-Star- July 20th.

Awesome! I am still grinning ear to ear over this boat- it rocks!