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Subject: My 2010 AllStar Review

I always thought my 2007 JK AllStar was close to perfection and wondered how
you could ever improve on it? The answer – the 2010 AllStar!

After 5 sessions at Brennan’s Wave in Missoula, MT (after picking my AllStar
up at JK Dealer StrongWater Surf Shop) 6/24-25 here’s my impressions;

Me; 6’2", 175#, 34" inseam, size 11 feet.

1)Fast – this boat is much faster than the 2007-2009 AllStar, period. How
did they do that after making it 4 inches shorter? JK’s marketing says it’s
the rocker profile, but I think there’s a little magic going on here too.

2)Looser, noticeably.

3)More user friendly – the shorter length helps a lot here but the edges are
just plain friendly but responsive when you need them to be. Rolls super
easy. The rocker seems perfect. You’re going try have to try to purl this

4) Loops bigger. I was surprised to get really good loops in a small wave
feature on surfer’s right on Brennan’s Main Wave. In the bigger features at
Brennan’s -WOW!……. lot’s of pop and no water resistance!

5)The tricks I did required about 20% less effort than the old AllStar.

6)Great outfitting. When you first get in a JK you might think all the tubes
are gimmicky, but it all works …. very well. Easily and quickly
customized. The back band assembly is genius. The drain holes integrated
into the cock pit rim are genius. No holes through the boat …. genius.
Hint – buy the optional the Happy Seat, you can really rest your hip muscles
with it in. Happy Thruster – buy it and file your flight plan.

7)Really slicy, almost like nothin’s there. Because it’s shorter there’s
less boat to give resistance. Blunts, loops, etc. come around quickly and
with much less effort.

8)Bounces better.

9)Gonna be a great hole boat!

10)Gonna be a great wave boat!

11)It’s just plain fun to surf in this thing.

12)Basically, it feels like cheating. Everything is easier in it!

13)A bit less foot room for me, but moving the seat 1/2" from being all the
way back and using my old Happy Feet (has lost a lot of it’s loft) were the
key. With the new Happy Feet (more loft because it’s new) I couldn’t get all
the way in the boat after trying foot pockets and a wedge shape.

I set my old Happy Feet up as follows; shaped like a rectangle, about a 3"
wide and 10 inches long. I rest both heels on the end. I roll the air
bladder up into the size of a ziplock sandwich bag and put about 5-7 bulb
squeezes in it. A piece of foam will probably work just as well, but I like
being able to tweak the fit as needed with the Happy Feet.

I think if you have bigger than size 12 feet and an inseam longer than 36
inches it might be an uncomfortable ride for your feet so you’re really
going to want to test it out. Depending on your weight you might want the
SuperStar. To me the key is getting your feet back from the end of the bow
as it gets wider as you move back. With my Happy Feet set up just right,
there’s almost as much room around my feet as the old AllStar.

JK hit a GRAND SLAM with this boat! This boat is the future – hear me now
and believe me later! People are going to get better quickly using this boat
and we will be seeing some sick tricks in it (i.e. double air screw, etc).

I can’t wait to try it at our spot – Sullivan Wave/Hole on the Spokane River

David A. "Tige" Turner V