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By John McConville

The Forbidden Fruit
Location: Superior Hiking Trail next to the Crow River
Date: 4-27-09

Here I am, a week and a half into my trip here in the Midwest and what an experience its been. From the South Shore Falls and Slate Rivers to the North Shore Forbidden Fruit. The Encampment river was once referred to as the Forbidden Fruit of the North Shore and truly lives up to its reputation!

Today Chris Baer and I meet up for a late afternoon run down the Encampment river around 3:30. Having been down the week before we knew what had to be done and drove straight into the first true rapid, which is also the lead in to the 30 foot waterfall. Getting rocketed out the hole at the bottom of the S-turn entry rapid I turned to watch Chris get stern endered as well. (Never fails, this wild ride enders you every time!) Turn and burn, out of the eddy and over the sweetest 30 foot waterfall ever! Beautifully walled in on both sides we proceeded into the next rapid called Toney’s Touchdown, appropriately name after T-Bone’s interesting line a few years back. A few more fun rapids and some sweet slides put Chris and I back in the frigid waters of Lake Superior.

Tomorrow we head back with Nathan Borth for his first run on this North Shore Gem. Followed up with the family reunion with Nate & Heather Herbeck, John Kiffmeyer, Andy McMurray and myself for an after huck fest. Looking forward to the crew all being back together and adding Chris Baer and Nathan Borth to the party. Its been a phenomenal trip so far up to this point and I’m sure it’s going to get even better…

John McConville

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Alon on the Falls
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Andy Encampment Entrance
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John campfire at the crow
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John East Beaver 3rd drop
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John Encampment falls
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John for breakfast