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By Kevin Brown

Hi EJ- Ya I just got the first allstar! Here’s a few pics from the new allstar in Montana! The new allstar is amazing: I’m explaining the performance as "quick". The boat makes every trick easier. A clean blunt is still a clean blunt, but in this boat it’s easier, snapier, quicker and easier to go arieal. So far I’ve been in Brennan’s wave (A bottomless 8,000cfs launch-y hole). I’ve also had it on Comp wave (A big buttery 19,000 cfs wave)-both at epic flows. Therefore, I’ve had a chance to throwdown on two of my favorite play spots-This boat does it all! Also the transition from the 09′ allstar to the 2010 is minimal-in other words the boat still feels like a Jackson only even lighter, more user friendly and more comfortable. Stoked!



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