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By Jez

4th of July was a blast, doing everything typically American really makes for a fun day. Firstly we got on the Green and helped out moving wood that clogged up Rapid transit as well as the tree that was just after Go Left. It feels good to do your bit for the river, helping out the locals make this river just that much safer was awesome. By the end of about two hours of work there was at least 10 of us on lines, saws and axes getting it done. GIT-R-DON as the locals would say. Seeing some of the massive logs get pulled out is very rewarding not to mention good Karma for the river. John Grace, Woody and the local crew don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

I took my new Jackson Kayak Super Hero down the Green and it was amazing. It is kind of like playboating down the river with its planning hull and short nose, I was boofing all over the place, making very fast turns and just having an all round fun day on the river. Although the Super Hero is mainly a river runner, it did everything I asked of it plus more on this world class creek, not even touching a rock on my run on Go Left. NICE!!!

Following this, we all headed to Green River Adventures for a perfect finish to the say, watching the latest LVM, some adult ales, and fireworks…. you can’t get much better than that.

Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma