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By Darin McQuoid

Gearing up for the Middle Kings here in Cali, for me this season was
equal to the previous 8th River season last year. Lots of updates on
the way but I had to take a moment to write this about my All-Star that
came in for the weekend. Here is a quick taste of what is to come.

Whew, just got off the water after two days in the new All-Star. I really debating even ordering one, because in between expeditions I only spend a handful of days in a playboat. I have to admit even while ordering it I was a bit of a skeptic. For a playboater who does some flatspins, the occasional blunt and loop, and a few wavewheels, would there really be that much of a difference? After two days of river running and playing in the new All-Star, all I can say is that this boat is awesome. I love the higher & narrower knee position, the boat is much more comfortable (especially with the 200 bead sweet cheeks), and it’s much much faster edge to edge. It just feels high performance. Because of the short length it spins rediciously fast, yet somehow is still just as fast front surfing as the previous boat, EJ and David, I don’t know how you guys did it, but nice work! The increased volume in the front gives up a bunch more foot room too, making this boat extra nice for long sessions. I can’t really put it into words too well, but this boat feels playful, it wants to have fun and plastered a grin to my face all weekend. Worth the upgrade from the previous All-Star? Amazingly so, it blew my expectations out of the water!