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Anybody Can Kayak! Basic Playboating DVD

The most detailed, precise, and easy-to-follow playboating instruction imaginable.

Pro freestyle kayaker Greg Parker breaks down all the basic playboating moves so anybody can do them. More than one half the video is in slow motion, stop action, or has graphic overlays so you can see exactly how it’s done. With instruction this clear, even his weak, slow, inflexible 55 year old dad is able to throw the tricks. If he can playboat, anybody can playboat. If anybody can playboat, you can playboat. In 112 minutes the DVD progresses from beginning topics such as selecting a safe playspot and front surfing, to more advanced topics such as blunts, loops, and cartwheels.

Selecting a safe location
Fear and relaxing on a feature
Learning strategies
Entering a wave or hole
Exiting a feature
Rolling while playboating
Front surfing
Side surfing
Getting to the top of the wave/hole
360 hole spins
Flat wave spins
Golden rules of playboating