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By Justin Owen

My summertime position as a videoboater for Class VI Riverrunners
exposes me to many special people. Last Father’s Day I was lucky
enough to spend it with just such a group. The Burkey family was
definitely one that I will definitely remember. This Father’s Day
they returned again and requested me on the river. As fate would
have it, their request fell through the cracks somehow and I was
put on another trip. Normally this would be no big deal, but I had
made a connection with their son Tyler.

When I arrived back at base after my trip, He was waiting for me.
He let me know that he had really been looking forward to getting
in my kayak again this year. I didn’t want to let him down, so I
explained that I could take him for a couple of laps through the
rapid Old Nasty before my trip the next morning. With the approval
of his parents, we made just such an arrangement for the next
morning. He had an amazing time, and I do not think that this will
be his last time in a kayak. Without the Dynamic Duo this type of
experience would not be possible, as he had no previous paddling
experience other than duckies.

I hope that you enjoy these pictures of our sunrise duo adventure.

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