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I don’t want anyone to think I am getting soft. Cause I am not. I don’t miss my house, my dog, my family or the people at home who cheer me on but it was pretty darn nice getting support. I got a sweet card from the CREW CLUB, check the photo. Pretty sure, the same person signed most of them in different color pens but I love it. Thanks. all of you even its only 2…..
I got this email from the CDB club. they raised 450 bones to get me paid for over here. Between the 450 from CDB Raffle, 500 from H20 Paddles, 3000 from Salus. (I love you steve) I been getting all kinds of support for worlds:

The raffle went very well with around 45 tickets sold:
Dom picked up the H2O,
Shaun picked up the Salus Jazz.
George, our newest member – from Toronto – got the L6 drytop.
Sylvain Goudreault won a day with billy on the water.

Thanks EVERYONE. Billy and Carly

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MISSION: Thanks CDB raffle, a kiss off from CREW CLUB