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Mission:#thun/:Thump in the night, a knocked up cat and Swiss training.
Worlds opening are on today, we all march around town with our flags and outfits on, and it will be fun.But the wave has everyone on edge, when the wave is there the rides are AWSOME.Moves galore, when its not you can’t surf it and all things in-between.Very much a crapshoot, the cut to 30 should be ok.But after that, it’s a roll of the dice.It’s tough to stick to a routine, unless the wave is wicked.This morning there were 30 people in line at 530 am, all lined up in the dark clanking around in the scaffolding protruding out of the water.Indistinct faces from other countries holding on to cold bars in the dark.Watching intently at the wave looking for a change, all holding doubt and worry in our hearts about what the wave will be like for us when we are surfing…
Simon, the organizer has been non-stop tweaking, helping getting the GOV involved with the wave and water levels.Doing everything he can.In the end if it snows on the ski hill half way though the event there is nothing you can do.Water like snow and most things ma nature is in charge of is unpredictable.Sometimes the wave is perfect; sometimes it’s not at all…
However Nick, Kelsey, Guillaume, Ruth, Carly, myself and the Canadians including Miss’s Troutman, who’s now half Canadian were all Killing it.Canada’s team is intimidating as all hell when we are on the water.
Problems of the home:
The thumping from upstairs went on for a while, thought that there was some heavy loving going on at first.I was scared to find out it might be the old people…. But I figured after an hour or so it needed to come to an end.11pm still awake.At first I thought is was Kelsey on a fly hunt.He rolls up a newspaper and is infatuated with killing all the flies in the house.There are no screens on any of the windows so he’s been our “SWAT” team, sniping all the flies.
Even at night. I searched the house to find the source of the thumping; there are 5 apartments in this big house on the side of the mountain.One of them held the noisy perp.My hair, is huge fluffy bouffant that gets even wilder as the night goes on.I knocked on the door of the people upstairs (the perps).Looked her square in the eye, big fluffy hair, wearing nothing but shorts and started in on her in English.I guess a half naked man, with big hair in the night making thumping and angry faces got the point across even if it was in a different language.I guess they were chopping up chickens with meat cleavers or something it was pretty out of hand….
I come down stairs just get settled in to sleep and (Boozen-Granny) my mother in law, starts yelling…Carly pops up out of sleep and starts yelling back some incoherent sentences and flapping about in bed. Pish-in-fasha, you guessed was in the toilet again starts yelling as well.I guess Boozen-granny rolled over and a A big cross-eyed cat, who is really knocked up, had jumped in through the window on to the bed and lay down.Thus the yelling….Dam cowbells going off the entire time.Bells, on every cow….You can’t imagine what that sounds like till you hear 5 different herds of cows killing grass around your house.
On a Mission
Billy Harris

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Mission: #thun/:Thump in the night, a knocked up cat and Swiss training.