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August 21, 2009

By Ben Stookesberry

Just a quick one. Leaving for a trip today that has all the aspects of the deepest canyon in North America. The Barranca de Piaxtla is impressive even when viewed from space (144 miles up on google earth). Stay tuned for our attempted first descent of this incredible gorge that on paper is well over 8000 feet deep. Check out the provided graphic comparing the Piaxtla to the two most note worthy gashes in the North American strata: The Grand Canyon and the Hells Canyon of the Snake. Unlike both of these commercial trips that have gradient up to 24 feet a mile, the Piaxtla features and inner gorge with a 1000 foot per mile chasm. For more info check out our guide, Rocky Contos website


Ben Stookesberry
Jesse Coombs
Darin McQuoid