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October 12, 2009


Hi Eric,

In 2008 I briefly got to meet you and say thank you for making a the Super Fun. You were with a large group of kids on the Ottawa and I didn’t stick around as you were instructing. This year I bought a Mega Rocker to replace my Pyrahna H:3. Adam Kamptner did the work on the boat so please let him know I enjoyed it a great deal. As a big guy I truly appreciate your boats from the Super EZ I use to paddle to the two boats I currently paddle. I like being able to jump from boat to boat and feel the same level of comfort and confidence in each.

I went through a fair bit of money and frustration in 2005/2006 dealing with companies trying to get a playboat and now have a few playboats I don’t like to paddle and haven’t been able to sell (I had e-mailed you about that before). I would like to try the Monster as it was the type of boat I envision being in after the Super EZ, but will have to wait until the Super Fun wears out (money, storage space, ability, wife, and trying to have less may all be sited as reasons not to buy a another boat…but if I tried it I bet I’d like it). I also here rumours of a semi-plaining hulled Mega Rocker coming out…cool if true.

I really love my Super Fun, even though I was looking for a Monster in 2005. I will keep paddling it until it dies, but know what I will replace it with.

I have enjoyed the Mega Rocker (I had visions of this boat when paddling the Super EZ in terms of shape and comfort). You fulfilled my expectations and then some! The Super Hero was too small for me, but probably more suited to the type of paddling I do. I have the same inseam and foot as Colin Kemp, but am heavier than him.

I am a fan of the big cockpits too!

I’ve included some photos just to let you know I had BIG fun this paddling season. No longer am I envious of "regular sized paddler’s" boats. More paddling from my neck of the woods can be found at and

Congratulations with the worlds.

Thanks again!

Brad Colville

Edmonton, Alberta

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