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August 4, 2009

By Colin Kemp

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last 10 days or so has changed my play boating life. I now can truly say that I know what retentive means, I can play boat all day and not have my feet hurt (this has not happened since my “Z”), and yes big kids can fly. The playing field has been leveled.

I am 6’5” tall, with a 36” inseam, size 13 feet, and I weigh 225#. At first the boat felt big, but I think that is because even after 20+ years of boating I did not know what the correct size was supposed to feel like. With a little bit of outfitting we are good to go. I no longer have to push my seat all the way back which is a first for me in a play boat. This allows me to finally get the ideal trim on my boat, and I can feel the difference already when I am landing moves backwards. The first day I paddled the Mon-Star I had the standard 100% sweet cheeks in the boat and I now know that the 200% is the key to success for me. The final outfitting I needed to do was to add a good bit of foam under the happy seat to help push my legs all the way into the deck. So, for all you big boys in the house make sure you try the boat with either the 150% or 200% sweet cheeks and bring along some foam shims to put under your happy seat. This will help the folks in your local shop get you the correct fit from the start.

I will send in a more detailed performance review after this weekend and look for some great photos and event news from the Mon-Star as I go to coach the Midwest Freestyle Championships next week in Wausau Wisconsin.

Later; Colin

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