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By Emily Jackson-Troutman

The first time I ever went to a World Championships I was 3 years old. Now
16 years and 8 World’s later I have won my first Senior Worlds. I don’t know
if anyone has ever noticed but my family can be competitive at times. The
reason being isn’t because we want to beat other people, it’s because we
love paddling at our very best. It just so happens that most of the
Jackson’s and Troutman’s do their very best when the competition is tough. I
don’t know of any competition that requires as many cuts or contains as many
phenomenal boaters which is why we strive at the Worlds. It can be easy to
get nervous along the way; I think was nervous during each competition ride.
I had made it into finals on my first ride in Semis yet some how I was still
super nervous on my next run. Silly!

The hardest part for me isn’t even kayaking. I know I can paddle my best, I
just have to actually do it. If another chick beats my very best ride, then
I couldn’t be happier! The hardest part is sitting in those stands watching
your Dad, Husband and Little Brother compete. (Dane even competed twice!) I
think the reason I find that so hard is because I know how amazing they are,
and how well they can paddle, the other part is that there is nothing I can
do or say that will change whatever happens.

So I am writing this quick update to say Thank you, not only to everyone who
supported me along the way, but a thank you to my family for making this
Worlds, one we will always remember, that no matter how we placed, or how
the competition turned out, we still won as a family. So thank you Mom, Dad,
Dane, KC, Grandma, Uncle Clay, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Kirk, Uncle Scott and Aunt
Patty, the Troutman’s and of course, Nick.

Now I am on my honeymoon, sort of, I was going to lay around and drink
French wine and find a beach somewhere. Well, I did find a beach, the
Charnay Beach Contest which actually does not have a beach at all but a
super fun French Rodeo that happens in the Wee hours of the night. I had my
finals at 3am on Sunday were I happily placed 1st! and Nick placed 3rd.

I am going to be leaving toward the Kanumesse with Toon tomorrow (scary!)
and I hope to see some of you there!

Thank you for all your support and I hope to see you on the river!

Happy Paddling

Emily Jackson-Troutman