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The much anticipated upgraded Fun series for 2010 is finally upon being unveiled at Gauley Fest! Don’t just plan on looking at it, come and paddle it! We began molding them today, no kidding, today! I am planning on bringing as many as I can but will take reservations for paddling them so that I don’t go crazy trying to figure out who to let use them. Some no good dirty bastard stole my boat/car trailer from the front of my mother-in-law’s house (in front of my house) that would allow me to bring extras, so I can only bring as many as I can carry on top of the RV. My plan so far is to bring three Dynamic Duos (I can’t wait to do a run down the Gauley in one!), and some 2010 Stars, All-Stars, Super Stars, and Mon-Stars, and as many of the 2010 Funs as I can fit. I think I can take about 7-8. I am paddling one on Friday, so that leaves 6 or 7. I am taking reservations by email starting…. NOW!

There are no 2010 2 Funs or 4 Funs yet, just the medium sized 2010 Fun. So if you are 6’4” tall and weigh 220, don’t reserve one, thanks!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring out our most popular design in its third generation. David Knight worked like crazy to make sure that everything I wanted and more was all packaged into this long awaited design. Hard to believe it has been three years since the last design came out!

No photos yet- the first 2010 Fun will be assembled in the morning! I leave at noon… crunch time!

See you in West Virginia!

Eric Jackson