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I just had the pleasure of going to one of the best places to go kayak camping/fishing for a few days, Ontario Canada!!! The area is about 2 hours west of Ottawa City called Crotch Lake. Man o man, this is exactly what the mind and body need when it’s time to get away. Just enough exercise that it makes for a great sleep at night, but also doesn’t take away from your time to relax around the campfire and focus on the other elements that make kayak camping so fantastic. There are a few islands on the lake and we were fortunate enough to get a camp site on the west end of the big island that made for some FANTASTIC sunsets. We camped and kayaked for three days with four other families. It sure what fun to watch the kids play with the kayaks in the warm sun… Something I will never forget.

The kayak fishing there is amazing. Bass, Muskie, Pike, you name it. For those (such as myself prior to this trip) who may not be aware of what a Musky is all about, THEY ARE HUGE!!!! Like upwards to 50lbs!!! To say the least, getting one of those monsters on your line while in a kayak immediately leads to kayak sledding your way around the lake until you can tire the bugger out.

This lake is an easy drive on paved and some easy dirt roads. You can get on the lake in three spots from what I understand, but we started from private property that put us starting in a gorgeous waterway and at our campsite after about 2+ miles of paddling.

Wherever makes sense for you to kayak camp… just do it. It will change the whole perspective … There is just something really special about sharing paddling time with your friends and family. Wonderful.

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