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October 26, 2009

By Keegan Grady


The past couple of weeks Airborn has been stoking the fire for Chile. Paying a visit to some local drops like Plaisance and Colounge. The truth is that we desperately needed the practice, Kent Bretzlaff, Devyn Scott, Justin Fraser and I have all gone off line numerous times, including going oververt, some close calls with sieves, broken paddles and getting our buts stomped by the hole at the bottom. All this from three low water descents of the Chutes de Plaisance… Bring on the CHilean Goods!

Team Airborn will touch down in Chile on Nov.25th, the plan is to b-line it to Pucon, once New River Academy breaks for Christmas, the entire crew is gonna head to the Point of Wolves in Pichilemu, the site of last years "tow-in " surf World Championships… bahahaha…

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