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October 19, 2009

Hi Eric,

I am a newbie to kayaking. I first tried it out when I was depressed and had a visit from family who was doing canoeing…the reason for the depression was my 19 year old moving out and going to college. Yeah…it was a biggie for me and I feel like this sport has saved my life. Kind of funny to me, since I was so depressed that I wanted to take my own life and now I am just trying to drown myself. LOL That was supposed to be funny BTW.

Anyways…I went kayaking on the Chattahoochee, a sit on top, and fell in love. After doing this several times, thought it would be kool to try something a little harder; The Nantahala, that was the choice. I crashed and burned on the class three rapid and then went back again when they had the guest appreciation weekend. That is when I seen Dane out on that river doing all kinds of tricks. Keep in mind, I had no idea who this kid was. I knew nothing of the Jacksons or the team or anything about kayaking. After seeing Dane, he and the team became my inspiration. I had to have me a Jackson kayak. I looked on boater talk and got one for a good price, used of course(it has more experience than I do), and then went down a river in Kentucky. Then on to Rock island TN to take a look at the beautiful falls there on my way home. While in TN, I think I ran into some of ur team who told us how to get out when some trees fell across the road blocking the way out. Just wanted to say thanks for that info.

I got ur video on bracing and rolling and am now practicing at Lake Hartwell every weekend. My hubby was able to do ur roll in like 15 minutes and me…well I guess I am gonna struggle with it.LOL No biggie tho. I am not giving up.

I am now trying to start a group or club in Carnesville GA, but with the cold weather, I don’t think I will have any luck until it gets warmer again. I plan on taking some classes from someone but I think I have to wait till it gets warmer when ppl are offering it. They have classes in Atlanta, but that is two hours South of me and I work second shift, six days a week. So that makes it kind of hard. I have called all the YMCA’s that are in Hartwell, Athens, and Anderson, but can’t get access to an indoor pool. If u know of anyone that is close(30 to40 miles) to me that could help me with my roll, please let me know.

This is what’s funny…I watched Dane for like hours in the rain, no less. And could have lasted longer but should have brought a chair and an umbrella(a big one).LOL

It was probably u who I spoke with on shore telling me about Dane, but one day I hope to be able to meet up with all of u guys and just be able to say thanks soooo very much. You never know whose lives u have touched until they speak up….I am speaking, Hear me ROAR~ THANK YOU~!~ Even if I didn’t get my roll as fast as my hubby(LOL) What u do is appreciated. Now I just wonder if I will go get me a playboat.LOL Thanks again. Marilyn~J