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September 2, 2009

By Jessie Stone

Opening ceremonies for the World’s were great. It was a very moving experience to see and be a part of. There are many countries with many paddlers gathered here in Thun for this event and hearing every country announced including places like Nepal and Latvia brought home the magnitude of this event. The energy has been incredible and very exciting to be a part of. The Men’s K-1 started yesterday and went all day until 8:30 at night. There was some awesome paddling to see and some very good humor as well! Timmy Flowers of Uganda provided the most spectacular wave stunt of the day by back flipping out of his kayak while it was on the wave! In addition to all the paddlers, the people of Thun have been out in large numbers to watch and support the kayakers. Many people are asking if the wave could be in all the time. That sure would be great! Today, all Juniors, C-1, and OC-1 compete. It is raining today, a real departure from how it has been up to now, but at least its pretty warm. Tomorrow the women go and it should be very exciting! There are a lot of good women here and the level of paddling is high! The excitement continues!

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