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Hope all is well this summer. I have been doing a little fishing this summer but mostly getting ready for duck season with my new hunting partner Sam, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Her breed is a small one only getting about 35 lbs and 21” tall, perfect for making water retrieves from and re-entering a kayak while offshore. I have been working with her on riding in a kayak and making retrieves from the boat etc… This year is looking really good for duck hunting as the Prairie had a wet spring lending to good breeding habitat for a large brood of ducks and geese to come south this fall. Here are some pictures of passing some time till season starts in a couple of weeks here. We landed this 21” red drum in the back of Lynnhaven Inlet, lost another one and hooked and fought a large fish estimated 45+lbs, which we never saw, for about 45 minutes and about a mile down river. Can’t wait to get out after some ducks this fall.

Russell A. Vrhovac
GIS Analyst

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