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August 14, 2009

By Sage Donnely

Dad took his new custom green and black All-Star out for it’s maiden voyage today and he had a blast. He took it down Chili Bar on the American to test it on Maya and First Threat and had the fastest spins I’ve ever seen. It was hard to wipe the grin from his face! We ran into Hilde and Mike at First Threat and Hilde was using Ruth Gordons new Star while Ruth is at worlds and Hilde was super excited about the response of the new boat and how quick it was. Eventually Mike was able to try it and he wouldn’t give it back to her! Both were excited about it’s speed and handling and how it was not as aggressive as they thought it would be-making playing on waves and holes even more fun. I was so inspired by their enthusiasm that I managed to get my first spins in Maya and finally surfed First Threat! I can’t wait to get a new orange/white Shooting Star some day. By the way-my dad recieved about 20 complements on how cool his new boat looked!

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