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August 11, 2009

hy EJ
I just got back from Canada. After one intensive month of kayaking ready for the wolds in a few weeks.
Paddling the new Allstar on all the great spots canadas rivers have to offer was a blast.
I traveled around with my swiss buddies and Gerd from Spian. We spent most of the time at the High tension wave on the Gatinuea river. We knew this wasn’t the best preperation for Thun because Thun is way smaller. But still we learnd so much and had heaps of fun out there. With the new All star every single move goes easier, bigger and faster than ever.
Now I spend the time until the worlds starts in school but also training on small waves. i can’t wait for Thun to compete and to see all the paddlers from all corners of the world.
Have fun with the video i made.

See you in Thun

Samuel Schwarz